My Exclusive

Marina Rinaldi's My Exclusive coat perfectly matches the wearer's personality to the brand's expertise.

4 timeless models, 4 colours, 3 fine fabrics and over 15 customisable elements to choose from, you can create over 100 possible variations.
Create your own exclusive, one-of-a-kind coat.

Design your own coat

The Marina Rinaldi My Exclusive coat is a symbol of highest quality and subtle nuances, details that leave their mark by offering a fresh take on timeless elegance.

Hymn to uniqueness

Marina Rinaldi My Exclusive is a choice that ignores fashion fads and goes beyond short-lived trends of the moment, in a rich dialogue between appeal and personality. Essential details that symbolise the true essence of a coat. A tribute to elegance. A masterpiece of uniqueness
Mr 1440x700 Marina Rinaldi

Tribute to elegance

In-store advice, the choice of details and the excitement of wearing it